Ditch disposables.

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Free to download so you can print your own today.

Help put an end to single-use plastic utensils with the Daily Spork. 


Before the Daily Spork, plastic cutlery was trash.

Why free?

The Daily Spork exists to help us reduce the amount of single-use plastic that we consume throughout daily life.

The more people using the Daily Spork, the better.


I'm sharing the Daily Spork's 3D file for free so that everyone who's interested can print their own and begin using it as an alternative to the disposable utensils that we're all too familiar with.

The spork's simple design should be easy to print with basic 3D printers, which you can often access through local makerspaces, schools and libraries. Just be sure to use food-safe (and ideally recycled/recyclable) materials :-)

Share your



I should mention... this is a bit of an experiment :-)

I've printed the Daily Spork, but only on a couple of printers. There are lots out there that I haven't been able to try, so I'll be keen to hear back about your experience with printing it.


Once we get some feedback, we can refine the design to optimize it for whatever printing process you use to ensure it's as top-notch as possible.

Exciting news:

Within one day of sharing the Daily Spork's 3D file online, I received a message from Cameron, this dude in Australia who is going to make a spork mould to use in educational workshops with schools and libraries down under. Pretty exciting to see the idea travel so far so quickly :-)

24 SEP 2018

Updated Spork Mould by Cameron, Australia

Cameron shared these pics today of the spork mould he's making in Australia with the CNC machine that he built himself. Really cool of him to have a go at this. Can't wait to see the results.

25 SEP 2018

6 Days Later... Aluminum Spork Mould in Australia

Woke up to this work shared by Cameron on Instagram. Very exciting to see progress on the spork moulds he's making for hands-on recycling workshops in schools down under.

13 OCT 2018

First mold complete

Cameron completed the first aluminum Daily Spork mold today. Next step is to test with the injection machine and make any necessary refinements. Love seeing this progress