Hi, I'm Paul.

A 24 year-old guy from Kentucky.

I'm an industrial designer who's passionate about learning from natural systems to inspire regenerative solutions to environmental problems.

After graduating from the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning [DAAP] in 2017, I set out to carve my own path with the goal of designing and producing a camping headlamp that better reflected my personal values.

As I moved from concept to production, I realized that making the Headlantern with conventional methods would mean using materials and processes that would harm the natural environment, as well as create profit motives that could compromise the values that inspired the Headlantern in the first place.

The idea of harming the natural environment in order to produce a product that's supposed to help people enjoy that same environment didn't sit well with me, so I looked for another way.

After lots of digging I stumbled upon Precious Plastic, which was a perfect fit for what I hoped to accomplish. Without thinking twice, I dove into the scrap piles and started building the machines.

Since then, Earthworm has evolved into a multi-faceted effort to explore and implement holistic solutions to the environmental pollution crisis through purposeful product design, experiential education, and a general willingness to question conventional business wisdom.