Before the Daily Spork, plastic cutlery was trash.

Ditch the disposables.

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Help put an end to single-use plastic utensils with the Daily Spork. 


Free to download so you can print your own today.

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Why free?

The Daily Spork exists for a reason: to help us reduce the amount of single-use plastic that we consume throughout daily life.

The more people who use the Daily Spork, the better.


I'm sharing the Daily Spork's 3D file for free so that everyone who's interested can print their own and begin using it as an alternative to the disposable utensils that we're all too familiar with.

The spork's simple design should be easy to print with basic 3D printers, which are increasingly accessible all over the globe in local makerspaces, schools and libraries. Just be sure to use food-safe (and ideally recycled) materials :-)

I'd love to see how yours turns out, so be sure to share it using #DailySpork