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I'm an independent designer who's passionate about learning from natural systems in order to develop regenerative solutions to environmental problems created by over-consumption.

Most recently, I developed the Daily Spork, a convenient alternative to single-use plastic eating utensils. I make the Daily Spork using human-scale machines and 100% post-consumer plastic. It's also available 100% free for anyone to download and 3D-print so that they can join the fight against plastic waste right away.

For my next project, I'm hopping across the pond to develop open source plastic recycling machines with the awesome folks at Precious Plastic. No one's making a penny off of the project, and all of the work we do will be available online for free so that anyone in the world can use it to tackle this global issue in their own community. 

Your support in this effort is more appreciated than words can express. Please feel free to reach out if you'd like to learn more about the work we're doing.